Baby Zimra born at home

"As my Doula, Bec was just incredible. She provided such gentle care and support throughout our birthing experience. From running those last minute errands for supplies once labour started, to holding space along side my partner Nathan and affirming to me through the waves of contractions that I was strong & could get through each one.

From early on in the pregnancy my partner Nathan & I were very passionate about pursuing a natural home-birth. With the perspective of already going through labour and birth five years prior with my daughter Talon, I came to the conclusion early on that I wanted a Doula to assist us throughout the birthing experience and Bec was the perfect Doula to have at hand!

From the moment I contacted Bec to let her know labour had begun she held a nurturing presence. When she arrived she assisted with my 5 year old daughter in the early stages of labour, which was reassuring to know she felt safe and cared for. 

Throughout labour Bec weaved herself flawlessly in and out of the space which Nathan & I were in as contractions came and went providing a quiet assurance through the entire process. She offered us both continuous support and I feel that my strength was aided by the calm and centred presence of Bec. Our birthing journey to welcome our daughter, Zimra into the world in a water home-birth went perfectly. Having Bec working along side my partner Nathan meant that unending confidence, support and love was provided through some of the most difficult moments and I would highly recommend her as a calm, nurturing and most caring Doula birth support." - Maryse