Deathwalker Training with Zenith Virago- September 2016

Over three full days we came to know the unfolding progression well people make towards death, choices around care of the dying and the dead, options for the disposal of a loved ones body as well as the spectrum of feelings after bereavement. I personally fell in love with this notion of sadness, loss and at times grief being feelings of love that have transformed, they are what we feel after someone we love has died but will likely return to a sense of love given (among other factors)  time and acknowledgment. 

My motivation for participating in the training was to gain insight into how one sits, as a companion, in the face of such a signifiant and life altering time. My learning around that, much like attending to women and their families as a birth Doula, is to come as you are and in the spirit of kindness and generosity to sit with what ever presents itself,to  be present and to do my best.

For me, the information Zenith shared with us was deeply empowering. Comparative I imagine, to birth education and the way new parents emancipate themselves from the restrictions they may have thought they would face making decisions for themselves and their new born. These new knowings almost demand personal reflection and inspired me to not only consider my own death, write a Will and to make decisions about my funeral and the disposal of my body but to have conversations with my family and friends about it too.  I have to say it was far from doom and gloom, while the focus was predominately on supporting others through dying and death there were constant and wonderful opportunities for reflecting on life and love.