Birth for HumanKIND is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation of volunteer doulas who provide quality support, education, and care for women in vulnerable, at-risk or otherwise disadvantaged circumstances during pregnancy, birth and after the baby comes.

"Bec has provided incredible support during the pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal period for a number of women at Birth for HumanKIND."

One midwife who observed Bec's work as a doula said:

"Bec was a fantastic support for the woman and her partner during her labour and birth of her beautiful baby. This is the first I've heard of Birth for HumanKIND. I think your work is much needed and fantastic. Thank you for what you do!"

One family Bec supported said:

"Thank you is too small a word. Rebecca is now like a sister to our children and part of our family." (This family have English as a second language, however they were truly able to express their gratitude for Bec's doula work)

Bec has shown such gentle kindness, emotional support, and a quiet confidence that is so reassuring to the vulnerable women we work with at Birth for HumanKIND.

Glenys Janssen Frank

Doula Co-ordinator