I am, a sister, an aunt, a Kindergarten teacher, a maker, a forever student and a volunteer Doula. 

For me, being a Doula is about support, respect and trust in the process. I believe that support can come in many forms and is something I leave in the hands and heart of the mother to be and her partner. Whether it be filling birth pools at home, offering physical comfort through water, food or touch, providing education and options for pain relief, caring for siblings, taking photos or holding a spew bucket, I offer continuous presence and care. 

I believe in the power of being fully present and attentive to an other, of allowing the other to be a specialist in her own life (and body) and of bearing witness the significance of her experience. Having someone close to talk to after the birth can be deeply satisfying for women, regardless of whether they consider their birth story to be positive, negative or anywhere in-between, which is why I like to record a timeline, take photographs and visit women post natal to debrief. 

I want all birthing women to feel respected for who they are, for the informed choices they have made and as the mothers they are becoming. I also want all women to be able to access support in aid of their own strength, which is why I choose to offer my services by donation. 



I completed my first Doula training through Dial a Doula in Melbourne, in 2014. Through this training I attended face to face classes every week over six months, supported three women/couples through pregnancy and birth and participated in private and hospital birth education classes, to get a sense of what expecting parents were learning about what lay ahead. This year I have been refreshing my skills and knowledge sitting in Rhea Dempsey's monthly circles, with a very experienced group of women and Doulas in preparation for Masters year year at MIECAT. 

"Bec Wisby studied the Dial a Doula, Doula Foundation Training in 2014. I have always found Bec to be very available and willing to learn with presence and enthusiasm and would recommend her for any future learning/ doula work that she takes on."

Regards, Sunderai Felich

Director, Dial a Doula 

Other qualifications:

Post Graduate Diploma of Creative Art Therapy - MIECAT 

Post Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education- QUT 

Current First Aid and CPR certificates